Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

Articles of Incorporation

A document that must be filed with a state in order to incorporate. Among the things it typically must include are the name and address of the corporation, its general purpose and the number and type of shares of stock to be issued.


A corporation or other entity's rules and regulations. They typically specify the number and respective duties of directors and officers and govern how the business is run. The exact requirements governing bylaws are determined by state law. Rules and ordinances made by a corporation for its own government.


A covenant, in its most general signification, means any kind of promise or contract, whether it be made in writing or by parol. In a more technical sense, and the one in which it is here considered, a covenant is an agreement between two or more persons, entered into in writing and under seal, whereby either party stipulates for the truth of certain facts, or promises to perform or give something to the other, or to abstain from the performance of certain things.

Mailbox Design

The postal mailbox design below represents the approved design for homes in Gleneagle North.  If you have any questions, please contact the Architectural Committee.

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