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Board of Directors Documents
The GNHOA Board of Directors exists to serve you and our community and we want to hear from you.

This site contains many documents for your information, and are organized based on the subject matter.   To view a document, right-click the document name and download as either PDF or Rich Text format (*.rtf)  123 movies


Golden Light String Award Winners

Filing 9

  1. Ron and Judy Bishop, 14710 Pristine Drive.  They were the overall winners and won the $75 credit to their electric bill.
  2. Malcolm Griffith and Kathleen Harrington, 14620 Bermuda Dunes Way, $25 Amazon Award.
  3. Bob and Valerie Ferguson, 10 Wuthering Heights Drive, $25 Amazon Award.
  4. Michael and Lindsey Kindt, 124 Wuthering Heights Drive, $25 Amazon Award
  5. Ken and Yvonne Griffith, 120 Wuthering Heights Drive, $25 Amazon Award.

Filing 8

  1. Margaret and Thomas King, 15960 Holbein.  They were the overall winners and won the $75 credit to their electric bill.
  2. Michael and Donna Gaultney, 15535 Curwood, $25 Amazon Award.
  3. Kelton Fuller, 15550 Benchley, $25 Amazon Award.
  4. Julio and Rebecca Lopez, 801 Timbertop, $25 Amazon Award
  5. Matthew and Michele Lusby, 15845 Holbein, $25 Amazon Award.

Filing 3

  1. Jarett and Amy Granich, 15130 Jessie Drive.  They were the overall winners and won the $75 credit to their electric bill.
  2. Daniel and Lavonne Vagle, 15270 Copperfield, $25 Amazon Award.
  3. Marvin and Patricia Jones, 15075 Copperfield, $25 Amazon Award.
  4. Chip and Lisa Cole, 64 Seagull, $25 Amazon Award
  5. Nicholas and Brooke Pagano, 15310 Copperfield, $25 Amazon Award.

Filing 4

  1. Scott and Kathy King, 15264 Paddington Cir.  They were the overall winners and won the $75 credit to their electric bill.
  2. Ken and Barbara Rose, 15470 Paddington Cir, $25 Amazon Award.
  3. Bob and Ethel Kaufman, 15258 Paddington Cir, $25 Amazon Award.
  4. Jossue Molina, 64 Seagull, 15360 Holbein, $25 Amazon Award.
  5. William Koch, 15370 Holbein, $25 Amazon Award.


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Invoices for Assessments and Trash/Recycling Fees

The GNHOA Board of Directors recently approved a new five-year community-wide Trash and Recycling Services agreement with GFL Environment for years 2022-2026.  A GNHOA team consisting of Board members and community volunteers evaluated three proposals from local service providers in the Oct-Dec timeframe.  GFL offered the best combination of services and costs in their proposal with no changes to service offerings, and they have been providing reliable service to our community for several years.  Trash and recycling service costs will increase by only a small amount starting in 2022 and are expected to remain the same for the agreement duration.  Collection of trash and recycling will continue to be handled weekly on Mondays.  GFL observes holidays for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas each year.  If those holidays are on a Monday, trash collection will be handled on Tuesday for that week.

GNHOA mails bills to homeowners semi-annually in early January and July for assessments, trash services, and optional recycling services.  The revised semi-annual billing amount starting in January 2022 is $130.25 without recycling (was $128.00 in July 2021) or $165.50 with recycling (was $159.50 in July 2021).  Reference the Assessments page for more details about billing and payment options.   


Radium Information

In an effort to provide information regarding the issue of radium in our water, GNHOA has established a web page with links to information sources. Click here to access that page.

GNHOA Alerts

Sign up for GNHOA-Alerts to stay informed of key events occurring within our neighborhood.

Monthly Board Meetings

Board of Directors Meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm and residents are invited to attend. Meetings are in the Bethesda Ministries Board Room. If you with to attend, you need to be at the north entrance to the building a few minutes prior to the meeting start time.  The doors are locked so someone will have to let you in and the door will not be manned after the meeting starts.

Gleneagle North Goes 'Way Green'

Our current trash service contractor, GFL Environmental, offers the WayGreen single stream recycle program to our residents at a cost of $70.50/year. No separation of recyclables is required - all recycle material goes into one container for curbside pick up on a weekly basis.

WayGreen Recycle is voluntary, but strongly encouraged.  See your choices and program details here.

If you have questions or concerns about the programs established for our neighborhood, please contact us with your feedback. 

GNHOA Alerts
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Title Companies
Our governing documents can be viewed and/or downloaded here.  Also, see our assessments page that lists and explains our annual fees.  And, for current dues status, see our statement request page.

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