Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

Common Area

The Common Area Belongs to GNHOA

The GNHOA Board of Directors (BOD) is responsible for full management of the Common Areas both east and west of Gleneagle Drive, to include maintenance of some aspects of the property such as snow removal on the sidewalks, mowing, and weed control.  We have established and implemented usage guidelines for residents and their guests who frequent the areas.  Part of the Board's responsibility is to inform members of any restrictions on its usage.  Please review the GNHOA Common Area documents below for a complete set of rules governing your use of these areas:

The BOD is open to input and suggestions.  We have formed a committee to address every aspect of the Common Areas to include maintenance, upkeep and improvements.  Please send your ideas and recommendations to any Member of the Board of Directors if you wish.

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