Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services

Fire protection and emergency medical services are provided to the Gleneagle North community by Donald Wescott Fire Protection District.

DWFD is governed by a Board of Directors elected by voters.  The DWFPD BoD consists of elected individuals who are duty bound to represent the interests of the property owners, and they have a responsibility to carry out their duties with fiduciary prudence.  DWFPD Board meets throughout the year.  All meetings are at Station #1, located at 15415 Gleneagle Drive.  Board meetings are OPEN to the public.

The Wescott Fire Department Board of Directors meeting schedule, and past meeting minutes are available here.

For a more in-depth explanation of Wescott Fire Department responsibilities, please refer to their website home page.

GNHOA residents are encouraged to read the local newspaper Our Community News (OCN) for editorial coverage of DWFD board meetings.

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