Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

Architectural Control Committees

Each of the four GNHOA filings has its own Architectural Control Committee (ACC) responsible for enforcing Codes, Covenants, and Restrictions in their area.  Each committee is comprised of an ACC Chairman and a varying number of volunteer members made up of homeowners living in that filing.  Each committee also assigns one of its members to represent the ACC on the Board of Directors

While it is true that the ACC have the dubious task of reminding homeowners of covenant mishaps, they also review and approve plans for home improvements (inside and out), and they get to pick the Summer Yard and Holiday Light contest winners!  It's a big responsibility to keep our neighborhood in the condition that we all want to live in, and we all need to do our part.  Contact the ACC Chairman in your filing if you want to participate.  The ACC always need help!

Please remember to ALWAYS obtain written approval from your Architectural Control Committee BEFORE you begin your home improvement project.  The ACC exists to help keep you from possibly making a costly mistake.  It is your responsibility to stay within the rules of your filing, and you will need to fix any mistakes that end up on the wrong side of your codes, covenants, and restrictions.

If you have an ACC question or issue that needs to be addressed, please use the email address listed below.

Gleneagle North HOA
P.O. Box 1922, Monument, CO  80132-1922
(719) 488-5883