Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

Filing 3 Director
Bob Swedenburg       

Filing 3 AC Representative
Blair Dinkins
Filing 4 Director
Bill Goettlicher

Filing 4 AC Representative
Tim Marburger

Filing 8 Director
John Rickman (President) 

Filing 8 AC Representative
Andy McNabb (Secretary)

Filing 9 Director
Carroll Clabaugh 
488-0890 (h)
Filing 9 AC Representative
** Position Open ** 

Contact Us if you are interested in filling this position


At-Large Director 

Don Richardson

719-243-1601 (cell)

At-Large Director
John Horvath

At-Large Director
Lisa Cole

At-Large Director
RIch Johnson

At-Large Director
Brian Bleike (Treasurer)
If you have an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) question or issue that needs to be addressed, please contact

Gleneagle North HOA
P.O. Box 1922, Monument, CO  80132-1922
(719) 488-5883