Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association


The Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association collects two assessments and one or two service fees from each homeowner:

  • Annual Assessment - $100.00/year
  • Stormwater Maintenance Assessment - $25.00/year
  • Trash Collection Service - $160.50/year
  • Recycling Collection Service (optional) - $70.50/year

Invoices are sent to homeowners through mail or email in early January and July, with payments due by the end of February and August respectively.  Each invoice includes one-half of the Annual Assessment, one half of the Stormwater Maintenance Assessment, six months of Trash Collection, six months of Recycling Collection (if enrolled for this optional service). Semi-annual billing total starting in 2024 is $142.75 without recycling or $178.00 with recycling. A late charge of $10 is applied if full payment is not received by the due date.

The following payment methods are currently supported:
a. Submit Zelle EFT to "" (preferred option, electronic payment service available through many banks, no transaction fees by GNHOA)
b. Schedule check payment to GNHOA through homeowner's bank online bill pay service (typically a free service, no check writing or postage costs involved)
Mail check to GNHOA, PO Box 1922, Monument, CO 80132 

The Annual Assessment was raised from the original amount of $25 to $50 in 2003, when the Association took over ownership and maintenance of the greenbelt common areas from the Developer. The BOD approved a $25 increase of the Annual Assessment to $75 effective January 2017 to support the increased maintenance and repair costs that the HOA has been incurring and expects to continue to incur in the future. The Annual Assessment was increased to $100 in 2020 with the $25 increase restricted to use for future stormwater maintenance. Starting in 2024, the Annual Assessment was increased to $125, with $25 continuing to be restricted to future stormwater maintenance expenses. For more detailed information on the Association annual expenses, see the Budget posted under the Documents tab on this web site. 

The Board of Directors also has authority to levy Special (one-time) Assessments as required to fund special expenses (see the Bylaws and Rules for more information). There was one $75.00 Special Assessment levied for Community Improvement projects in 2006 and one $250.00 Special Assessment for repairs to the stormwater drainage and control system collected in three payments in 2020 and 2021. 

Title Companies and Realtors should see our statement requests page for information on how to request the current billing status on any GNHOA property.



Gleneagle North HOA
P.O. Box 1922, Monument, CO  80132-1922
(719) 488-5883