Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association

GNHOA Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions can be answered by reading the covenant document that applies to the specific filing in which your property is located.

-          Determine your Filing using the GNHOA map

-          Then read the applicable Covenant and Restrictions document for your Filing provided here

If there is a conflict between the Covenants & Restrictions document and the information below, the Covenants & Restrictions document takes precedence.


Q1: Who provides the utilities in our community, and how do I contact them?

A: Please see the Utilities page on the GNHOA web site.


Q2: Who should I contact regarding maintenance of transportation right-of-ways (roads, etc.) in our community?

A: El Paso County Dept of Public Works is responsible for the roads and sidewalks. 

Residents are urged to directly contact the Customer Service Office with requests for repair to roads, sidewalks, signage, etc.


Q3: Who is responsible for snow and ice removal from sidewalks in our community?

A: Property owners and tenants are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property.  Snow and ice removal from sidewalks should be completed within 24 hours after snow fall has stopped.  Failure to promptly remove snow and ice from sidewalks exposes the property owner to significant liability risk.


Q4: Who is responsible for law enforcement in our community?

A: The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department.


Q5: Is our community subject to a noise ordinance?

A: Yes.  The details of the El Paso County noise ordinance are available online. 

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Dept. is responsible for enforcement of the noise ordinance.


Q6: Is our community subject to laws or ordinances regarding domestic animals?

A: Yes.  The details of El Paso County Animal Law Enforcement are available online. 

Complaints regarding a barking dog should be worked with the pet owner if possible.  If necessary, the complaint can then be directed to Animal Law Enforcement at 719-473-1741.



Q7: How do I participate in the annual Gleneagle neighborhood garage sale?

A: The GNHOA Board is not involved with the neighborhood garage sale. 

Requests for information should be directed to the organizers – currently the Gleneagle Civic Association.


Q8: Where can I find news pertaining to our community, and the Tri-Lakes area in general?

A: Our Community News is a weekly newspaper that covers news and events specific to our vicinity.  The most recent issue, as well as past issues is available on the OCN website.  The Tribune is covers news in the Tri-Lakes area.  The most recent issue is available on The Tribune website.


Q9: What do I need to do if I am selling my home?

A: As a seller, your only required actions if you are not using the WayGreen recycling service is to leave the brown trash container in the garage for the new owner. If you are using WayGreen, we ask that you have your Realtor find out if the buyers will continue the service and let us know. If the buyers are not going to continue WayGreen, you need to call us at 488-5883 to request a pick-up of the recycling container before closing. We will have the title company issue you a credit for any unused prepaid fees at closing. We submit an HOA Status Letter for the title company and having the answer on recycling in advance speeds up the preparation for closing.


Q10: What do I need to do if I am renting my home?

A: We can’t deal with renters, so we need to know how to contact you. Please give us your new mailing address for the semi-annual invoice by calling 488-5883 or sending an email to If you will use a management company and want them to handle payment of the semi-annual invoices, you need to provide us with their contact information and authorize us to deal with them. We will still need your address if we cannot resolve an issue with the management company. And remember to find out if your renters want the recycling service so you can cancel the service or continue/begin service and reflect the fee in the rental agreement.

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