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Recycling Program

WayGreen Single Stream Recycling Service

The WayGreen recycle program is offered by Bestway, our trash collection service. Over 250 homeowners in our area are already enjoying the benefits of this simple and convenient method to recycle.  You can add the WayGreen recycle service any time by calling GNHOA at 488-5883 or by emailing GNHOA at  Please state that you want to begin the WayGreen service and provide your name, address and phone number. Depending on when you request to start the WayGreen service, you may receive a separate invoice for the remainder of the billing period.
We will call you to confirm the delivery date and let you know if you will be receiving an invoice for the remainder of the billing period.

The WayGreen fee is $5.00 per month (in addition to the regular trash service charge).  Service can be started at any time and the fee will be prorated for unused weeks in a month.  The recycle container will be normally be delivered on the Monday afternoon following confirmation of your order.  Recycling collection is on Monday, the same day as trash collection. 

When you start WayGreen service, you may find that you can use a smaller trash container - or you may find that the small trash container you now have is no longer sufficient.  You can reduce your 96-gallon container to a 64-gallon container – the same size as the recycle container – or change to the larger container by contacting GNHOA at 488-5883 or Please state that you want to exchange your trash container and provide the size you desire, your name, address, and phone number.  Trash container exchanges will be on Monday afternoon after trash collection.  We will call you to confirm the exchange date. For those changing trash containers, simply leave your current container in front of your home where you placed it for trash collection. 

The GNHOA covenants require that trash and recycling containers of all varieties be stored inside your garage except on trash pickup day.  Be certain that the containers you choose can be stored inside.

Questions and Answers
Can I order WayGreen or a container size change directly from Bestway? No! Bestway will not accept orders unless they come from GNHOA because GNHOA is billed for the service.

What if I wish to stop the WayGreen service after signing up.  You can cancel WayGreen service any time by contacting GNHOA at 488-5883 or Please state that you want to cancel the WayGreen service and provide your name, address and phone number. We will call you to confirm the pickup date.  Service and billing will stop when the recycle container is collected by Bestway on a Monday afternoon. You will receive a refund or credit on a future invoice for any unused prepaid service.  

How am I charged for the WayGreen service? The WayGreen $5.00 service fee will be added to your semi-annual GNHOA assessment and fee invoice.

What if I'm an out of town homeowner that has renters?  Charges for all trash/recycle service are the homeowner's responsibility.  If your renters want to start the WayGreen service or exchange the trash container, they should contact you directly and request that you order the service.  If a renter contacts GNHOA directly, we will direct the renters to contact you, the homeowner.

Is there anything special I need to do with the WayGreen container on trash day? The collection truck uses a mechanical arm so the WayGreen container needs to be separated from the normal trash container by 3-5 feet.  There should be no cars parked in front of the WayGreen container and enough space should be provided for the truck to stop next to the curb. 

What can be recycled under the WayGreen program?

The WayGreen program is the most comprehensive recycling program available.  You are no longer required to sort your recyclable items – simply place all items in the WayGreen container. Here is a list of the items that are accepted for recycling:

All glass bottles and jars

Paper products:

Newspaper (including inserts)

Phone books

Corrugated cardboard

Office paper

Bulk or junk mail

Brown paper


Chipboard (cereal and tissue boxes)

Metal products:

Steel or tin cans

Aluminum foil


Aerosol cans

Pie tins

Plastic products numbered 1-7 with the exceptions shown below:

Milk jugs

Yogurt containers

Detergent bottles

Vitamin bottles

Butter tubs


Plastic Items NOT Accepted:


·         NO six pack ring holders

·         NO Styrofoam items (such as egg cartons and take-out food boxes, even if they have recycling symbol and a plastics number)

·         NO Plastic Plates/utensils

To prepare your items for recycling, rinse out containers to remove as much of the food residue as possible. Labels can be left on cans or bottles. Discard small lids, caps, and pumps from glass or plastic bottles. While they may be marked as recyclable, they are hazardous to the operators of the recycle sorter. Ensure that aerosol cans such as shaving cream and hair spray are totally empty and depressurized. 

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