Glenagle North Home Owner's Association

Summer Green Thumb Contest

Every home has a landscaped yard visible for all to enjoy.  Similar to the intent of the Golden Light String Award, the Gleneagle North Homeowners Association board created the Green Thumb Award to recognize those homeowners’ yards that represent the best of our neighborhoods in the summer months.  The winners of this landscaping contest are selected according to the criteria of the members of each filing’s Architectural Control Committee.  The GNHOA Board authorized the Green Thumb Award to recognize homeowners in the neighborhood who take pride in their properties.

GNHOA held the 17th Annual  Green Thumb Contest in August 2019.  
Each AC Committee selected four homes from their individual filing that are best looking and show pride in ownership.  
Prizes have been awarded, and winners are announced here, and in the next newsletter.

Congratulations to the 2019 contest winners!

9 Fred & Melanie Seiter
14798 Pristine Drive
9 Jim & M. I. Hopkins 14840 Pristine Drive
9 Brendan & Linda Reilly 14990 Pristine Drive
9 Cliff & Judy Weber 14980 Pristine Drive
8 David & Jo Ann Condie 15440 Benchley Drive
8 Brad & Ruth Miller 15575 Curwood Drive
8 Robert & Kiem Guffin 15735 Holbein Drive
8 Rob & Sue Hampson
15745 Holbein Drive
4 Stephen Alcorn 15216 Paddington Circle
4 Frank & Kristen Seagren 15450 Jessie Drive
4 Lorrie Gomez 15511 Jessie Drive
4 Greg & Jessica Winslow 15263 Paddington Drive
3 Gary & Heather Maxwell 15425 Copperfield Dr
3 Jarett & Amy Granich 15130 Jessie Drive
3 Phil & Keri Tunnah 15220 Steinbeck Lane
3 Paul & Karen Nelson 15145 Copperfield Dr

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