Glenagle North Home Owner's Association

Spring Clean Up

GNHOA is sponsoring the Annual Spring Clean-Up the weekend of May 20th and 21th.

  • Friday 6pm to dusk
  • Saturday 8am to dusk
  • Sunday 8am to 5pm*

*  Please bring tree and branch debris before 3pm Sunday so that it can be chipped!

There will be six dumpsters placed between the homes of 15185 and 15195 Jessie Drive on the Greenway Access Road.  Tires and hazardous liquids (such as paint) may NOT be tossed into the dumpsters.  A Way Green Recycle container will be available for glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard.  Additionally, a METAL ONLY recycle dumpster will be available.  Large appliances can be placed in the metal recycle dumpster.  We have coordinated with the Wescott Fire Station to help with tree/branch shredding for homeowner fire mitigation efforts.  We will have a GNHOA representative present to assist in off-loading, separating, and “packing” the dumpsters for maximum usage. We have yet to completely fill all of the dumpsters, so there is no reason to be early or use the dumpsters after dark.  Please be considerate to the homeowners in the area of the dumpsters.  Please do not leave trash at the site before the dumpsters arrive or overfill them.  We do ask that you bring your tree and branch debris prior to 3pm Sunday so that it can be chipped.  This saves enormous space in the dumpsters.  

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