Glenagle North Home Owner's Association

The Golden Light String Awards

The members of the Architectural Committees in each filing of the Gleneagle North Homeowner's Association will select homes of distinction in this contest. The top five from each filing received a prize sponsored by the Association plus a yard sign of recognition. The best decorated home in each filing received a credit worth $75 on their electric utility bill courtesy of Mountain View Electric Cooperative

Here are the results of the 2018 Golden Light String Awards:

Filing   Award Homeowner (as reported) Address
3 First Place   Daniel & Lavonne Vagle
15270 Copperfield Dr.
3 2nd Place Larry & Kathy Nikolaus
15235 Bovary Ct.
3 2nd Place Don & Aida Richardson
15110 Steinbeck Ln.
3 2nd Place Douglas & Elisa Shively
15210 Steinbeck Ln.
3 2nd Place Melanie & Shawn Clark
15265 Jessie Dr.
4 First Place   Kenneth & Barbara Rose
15470 Paddington Cir.
4 2nd Place Andrew & Elizabeth Fodera
15610 Holbein Dr.
4 2nd Place Philip & Teri LaTulippe
15470 Jessie Dr.
4 2nd Place Kim Gross
15535 Holbein Dr
4 2nd Place James & Jennifer Spice
15390 Paddington Cir.
8 First Place   Adam & Melisa Welfelt 15425 Curwood Dr.
8 2nd Place Brian & Cindy Elliott
15415 Curwood Dr.
8 2nd Place Randy & Meg King
15960 Holbein Dr.
8 2nd Place James & Kelly Townsend 15710 Holbein Dr.
8 2nd Place Kevin & Karen Gould
430 Alcott Ct.
9 First Place   Jon & Susan Lewis
124 Wuthering Heights Dr
9 2nd Place Ron & Judy Bishop
14710 Pristine Dr
9 2nd Place Dennis & Sue Daugherty
14950 Pristine Dr.
9 2nd Place Shawn & Christina Williams
14910 Pristine Dr
9 2nd Place Ron and Joanne Oveson 14630 Bermuda Dunes Way

The purpose of the Golden Light String Award is to foster enthusiasm for holiday season decoration of our neighborhood.  Home and yard decorating is not mandatory, but the opportunity is open to all homeowners that wish to participate.  The intent of this award is not merely a lighting competition nor is it restricted to lighting displays, but it is to recognize outstanding effort and creativity.  Judging is done separately for each filing and is done by the volunteer members of each filing’s Architectural Committee.  Thanks to all who provide a bright and cheerful atmosphere to our community.

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